Interesting message

2010-08-11 14:29:00 by Deviousman

so I checked my inbox today and found that someone had discovered my affinity for furry!
(gee I wonder how) and they sent my this here link
so check it out, I know I will

My art

2009-09-20 02:02:15 by Deviousman

You may have backtracked the dates on my art and noticed a deterioration in skill, welllll thats easily explainable. I've been drawing on gimp for a few months now and other the time I've stashed up quite a bit of drawings, that and before I discovered gimp I used windows paint D: though I finally made the push to start submitting my better work to newgrounds, now, my work ended up saving in a strange way, in that, my older pics were lower down and my higher pics were higher up, being as lazy as I am, I just submitted in order of appearance all worthy art. So my most recent work was the first submitted and my later work was recently submitted.
and about using paint, believe it nor, for paint, it wasn't half bad, but still sucked because it was paint. I've got all my older art works on my DA account which I will link to you upon request.